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Featured Animals


Marcus (kitten)
Gender:  M
Age:  5m
Breed:  DSH
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Vaccinations/Shot Dates: 

Well hello there! This is Marcus and doesn't he have just the cutest markings ever? He has a slightly reserved manner, but is overall fairly friendly. He would love to meet you and discuss living arrangements! For additional information on Marcus, please contact the shelter at 814.623.8968.

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Mario (kitten)
Gender:  M
Age:  5m
Breed:  DSH
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Vaccinations/Shot Dates: 

Another of our awesome black and white kittens is Mario. He is quiet and growing fast! Stop by and visit him. He's anxious to find a new home.

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Vonnie (cat)
Gender:  F
Age:  2
Breed:  DSH
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Vaccinations/Shot Dates:  Current

Vonnie is a great little cat. She is quick to greet visitors that walk by her kennel with a soft meow. She will often times stick a paw out her kennel door to get your attention. She is a pretty cat with a very friendly personality. She'd make an awesome buddy to cuddle up with.

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Our Mission


The Bedford County Humane Society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to all animals of all descriptions capable of suffering.


The Humane Society will:
• Establish and maintain a shelter/haven for rescued, abandoned and abused animals of all descriptions and will make every effort to maintain a no-kill philosophy.
• Promote humane care and treatment of all animals needing protection.
• Promote the adoption of rescued, abandoned or abused animals. Promote spay-neuter in order to help alleviate the overpopulation of unwanted pets.
• Promote the extension of humane education to the youth, as well as to the general public.
• Support animal rights legislation.

How Can you Help?


Listed below are just a few things that volunteers can do at the shelter:
• Walk and socialize with the dogs
• Bathe/groom dogs
• Spend quality one-on-one time with the animals to help socialize them and teach them tricks! (puppies, kittens & cats too)
• Spend time in the ‘Free Roam’ Cat Room to socialize, help groom or otherwise, just help to make their lives more comfortable during their stay here.


Learn More Ways to Help

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The Bedford County Humane Society is not funded by any government organization and is directed by a sincere group of individuals that represent the values of our members. To help in our efforts, donations are also gretly appreciated. We are a 501(c)3 organization which allows you to use any donation as a tax deduction.


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Who is the Bedford County Humane Society?

The Bedford County Humane Society receives no government funding and is not a United Way agency. Instead, the generosity of individual and corporate supporters allows the continued operation and growth of the many programs and services. The BCHS provides services for more than 1000 animals each year.

Bedford County Humane Society - Share your home with a new loved one today!

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